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Lee Parks Total Control clinic, Nashville October 3/4

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The course was really good. I have only been riding for a year, and from what I could gather, the other riders have at least 10 years of experience. Having said that, the difference in experience was obvious to me, I'm still getting used to leaning at low speeds. For an experienced rider, this would be a great class. I would probably take the class again in a few years after practicing some of the drills.
One of the riders is a MSF instructor and her lean angle was perfect.
We spent a lot of time on body position. There are 10 steps in the total control book (2nd Ed.), on body position and when we got to cornering, it served as the basis of cornering drills.
Another good drill was on speed shifting-clutchless shifting.
Again, having been riding a year, all of this was new to me.
I highly recommend the class and the book.
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