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Any Super Tenere owners or former owners to answer questions

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I have a 2010 Super Tenere with 112 000 kms on it. Great bike but as I get older the weight is more tiring.
I am considering an MT-09 Tracer (in Australia)/FJ-09 and have a few comparison questions if anyone can answer them.
There are no demo models near me and I need some educated impressions if someone can help out.
Is the FJ-09 remarkably lighter to push around the shed and in general handling as I would expect?
How would you describe the power of each bike?
I have had the front revalved and single rate springs fitted. The rear has been reoiled and regassed.
I am very happy with these changes. Very secure over all kinds of surfaces.
Given this info how do the two suspensions compare?
Do you have any general comments on the build quality of the two bikes.
Thanks in advance.
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I have a 2012 Super Tenere and just added a FJ09 for sport riding.  I really like the FJ.  It makes the Tenere feel very slow.  It is lighter, handles great, rides smooth (not as good on potholed roads).  My tenere has ecu reflash, penske and Stolteck fork revalve.  I am very happy with the FJ09, less legroom and wind protection, but faster, lighter and fun to ride.
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I rode a 2010 Super Tenere from 2011 until a few months ago.
Primarily, I changed the bike due to finding the S10 very heavy after a serious illness last autumn.
In everyday use performance is similar. The Tracer is ultimately faster but that is largely academic. Riding position is similar, with a similar knee bend which is important to me.
I miss the S10 suspension on very bumpy roads - the Tracer has shorter travel, more sporty suspension.
The light weight of the Tracer makes it very easy to ride in tight, twisty terrain. Moving it around is a doddle compared to the S10.
I've added a Givi topbox rack just like on the S10. I also use Givi/Kappa sidecases, instead of the OE Yamaha ones on the S10 so luggage capacity is similar.
The S10 is probably roomier for a pillion but not an issue for me.
I've changed the screen as the OE one does not suit me. The seat is okay but could be improved (I had the S10 seat modified).
I really liked the S10 and would be riding it still, if it wasn't for a virus nearly killing me. I don't regret changing to the Tracer as I have continued to ride whilst recovering. I'm still not 100% recovered but I have managed a trip to France from the UK which I may not have contemplated on the S10.
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I have a 2012 super tenere with 30,000 miles on it, and now have 3,500 miles on my FJ. The ST weight distribution is good for a big bike, and doesn't feel all that heavy in motion. In comparison, though, the FJ feels much lighter, especially moving it by hand, and is also more nimble in handling when riding. I have always been happy with the power of my stock ST, but the FJ is very quick and has a sport bike engine. It has much more low and midrange power than you would expect from 850 cc, and a lot of top range power, pulling very hard all of the way to redline. The FJ suspension is not bad; firm, but dampens adequately. The ST suspension is a joy, plenty of travel, and more comfortable for long distances to me. The overall build quality is similar, with components of lighter weight comprising the parts of the FJ, which look less substantial compared to the ST, but are probably very durable none the less, like all Yamahas have been for me. Bottom line, the ST is my long distance bike that will do off-road surprisingly well, and the FJ is the one I jump on for pure joy of riding. Both are a hoot, and make a good combination.
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Thanks for the replies. Really appreciated.
All are very helpful.
Confirmed the conclusions I had reached from reading all the reviews.
I have been in two minds about keeping the S10 but in reality most probably can't afford to.
The plan is to spend a month trying to sell the S10 BUT if that doesn't work (to hell with budgets) my wife has agreed that we just raid one of our retirement accounts.
Wessie, I hope your health continues to improve. I would go nuts if I wasn't able to ride!
Thanks again to you all.
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I really like my s10 and planned to keep it as my long distance and dirt road bike. I bought the fj to replace a KTM 950sm that I missed. It is very similar to that hooligan bike with comfy ergos. ECU reflash and Andreanni fork cartridge kit made it work very good at a track day. I was able to keep the 600's at bay down the straight. I was told my abs was making the back wheel chirp coming into turn one from 130mph. I felt abs pulses, but it was smooth and controllable. Both are great bikes, somehow my wife prefers the back of the fj over the s10.
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It looks like you already made your decision but I will add a couple of key points.
I have owned both a 2012 Super Tenere as well as a 2014 Super Tenere ES. I picked up an FJ-09 early this year and put about 2400 miles on it.
The riding position on the S10 is perfect for me. I am 6'2" and the leg room and seating position is as good as it gets particularly on the 2014. I felt the engine was a little lacking in power and refinement. It felt and sounded a little to agricultural to me. That and it is fairly heavy.
The FJ-09 has one of the best engines around. I was wishing Yamaha had used this engine in the Super Tenere as well. The suspension on the Super Tenere is better than the FJ. A good portion of that may be due to the longer travel. I felt the FJ suspension was a little harsh and just average.
The handling of the FJ is quite good. It is light and feels really light when cranking it through the twisties. There is no comparison as the S10 is not even close.
The riding position is not nearly as good on the FJ. The biggest difference was that the foot pegs are about 4 inches more to the rear than the Super Tenere. It feels much more like a race bike than a sport touring rig. This single issue alone was enough for me to sell the FJ-09. I just could not get comfortable on an otherwise great bike. The other thing I noticed was the shorter wheelbase on the FJ. I have discovered that I strongly prefer a wheelbase over 60 inches. The longer wheelbase allows for more passenger room, and more stability while adding a degree or two of comfort.
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Well, I'm half way there. I own an S10 and want to add an FJ to the stable. I don't see me getting rid of my S10 any time soon. The S10 is a great all-rounder and allows me to tour comfortably and explore forest roads with ease.
I want the FJ for shorter trips and riding twisties. You can have fun on an S10 but I'd like to have a lighter, quicker bike to have on hand.
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Change of plan.
Did a 200 km ride today with a lot of it on gravel and had a ball.
After reading how most of you have kept both bikes I have decided to keep the S10 as well.
I will put on some more off-road biased tyres and use it as my off-road bike and the Tracer/FJ-09 as my road bike.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Feel really good about the decision!
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