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  1. I was in Death Valley back in August. I regret not getting that sign pic now.
  2. I regularly get 200ish miles per tank. Usually fill up when the gauge starts blinking. Longest I’ve gone was 236 miles on a tank going across Oregon. Filled up with 4.5 gallons after that. Edit: Thats in the summer. My mileage goes down in the colder weather.
  3. Put the bike up? What’s with that? I did an easy 450 mile trip on Monday. Started out in the teens. Spent most of the day in the lower 30’s. Ended the evening at 28 when I pulled into the garage. All those temps are Fahrenheit. I don’t recognize that weird celsius stuff. Anyway. I use S100 or the blue Yamaha stuff. They both work amazingly well.
  4. Yes. The rubber is removable/replaceable if you want to ride without it.
  5. Well, mines not cracked but i'm a bit bummed out now. I thought i had come up with a super simple fix. I have never noticed the upper tubes.
  6. Im pretty sure I used the all thread in the tube he shows that’s cracked. In the drawing, it’s the tube that runs through the bracket.
  7. You’ll have to remove some of the body panels to get the all thread in. No big deal though. I even put some grease in the tube to help keep it from rusting from the inside out.
  8. I got a 12” piece of stainless all-thread with two washers and nuts and ran it through the tube. I’ve been running a taller screen for a long time and have a GPS mounted up there. 80k miles and no signs of cracking.
  9. For some reason I lose 8’s. My 10’s and 12’s stay put.
  10. They’re noisy that way. I’m pushing 80k miles and my 2015 been noisy for as long as I can remember. Don’t concern yourself with it. If I could, would take off tomorrow on a 10k mile trip without a second thought.
  11. What is it about the UK that's so hard on this part?