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  1. What is it about the UK that's so hard on this part?
  2. I call bullcrap on the price, bullcrap on the range, and bullcrap on the looks.
  3. EK is a reputable company. Their chains are high quality and I’ve used them many times. I haven’t used their screw link because I have the tools, the ability and I’m cheap. I always use the rivet link that comes with a new chain. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their screw link if the need arose.
  4. I have to fill mine on the high side of the glass. After I change the oil/filter i fill it up to the mark on the glass. Start her up and let her run for several minuets. Shut her down and cool off. Then check her and i usually have to add some. If I don't do this my light will come on like yours.
  5. I ride the H-E-C-K out of my bike. I also keep her clean and shiny.
  6. A dab of blue locktite will fix those self loosening adjusters.
  7. I just replaced the battery on my atv. It was doing the same thing your FJ is. New battery and all is well.
  8. RAM Mounts Universal X-Grip Cell / iPhone Cradle This is an X-Grip style restraint system that...
  9. Me too. The RAM has worked for me for 10’s of 1000’s of miles.
  10. It was foggy. I’ve looked forward to riding across the bridge for years. I got to do it and couldn’t see it.