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  1. Still available as a 2021 model in the USA 2021 Yamaha FJR1300ES Sport Touring Motorcycle - Model Home 2021 Yamaha FJR1300ES Sport Touring...
  2. My experience has been the opposite. In our group the BMW's seem to be what have the most problems and are expensive to maintain.
  3. I’m not a fan of anything bmw. I’ll most likely get a super tenere or an fjr. My wife is showing more interest in riding with me and those two would be a better option than the FJ.
  4. I like the new tracer. With that being said, My next bike will be shaftdrive.
  5. I bought an adapter and hooked it up with my scan tool. The bike won't pair up with my tool.
  6. I spent the day in a duck blind with my boy. It was cold and wet. Great times.
  7. You don't need speed bleeders to bleed the brakes.
  8. I’d guess the doohickey down there next to the front sprocket that knows what gear your in had a hiccup. Mine reads 4th intermittently. 3rd is starting to blink out. Sometimes you can take it out and clean it for a fix. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.
  9. 2015 with almost 100K miles. Clearances checked at 26K , 52K, and 78K miles. She runs as good as the day i got her with 6 miles on the clock.
  10. Those guys are pulling your leg. That’s the foreword upper muffler bearing retention strap. You’ll gain 23.67 horsepower with that removed.
  11. We had to deal with miles of that construction mud between Malta and Havre back in August. Nasty stuff. On a side note, the folks at the O’Reily’s in Havre are top notch. Very helpful and will loan you tools quick fast and in a hurry.
  12. That bolt/pin can be...difficult. I’ve found that if I install rear bolt first then the pump the brake a few times the front one starts easier.
  13. FZ, MT, XSR, etc. wheels with the ABS ring will also work. my eBay wheel came from an FZ
  14. My bucket list ride will be when my boy graduates HS. He and I will hit the road and stay gone as much as possible that summer before he starts college/military/trade school; whatever he chooses. We will go where the road takes us. I’m saving money and vacation.
  15. I did something similar last summer. It didn’t harm the fork. We went to the dealer to buy another rim....3 month wait and I needed it a week before my yearly big trip. Thankfully, I found one on eBay a 100 miles down the road.