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  1. The only way to fix this issue is to ride the bike. Stuff like that disappears when you're going down the road.
  2. I'm a YUGE fan of the RS3's. For me they handle well, last a long time, and feel good. The lower price is a great bonus. With that being said buy and ride what you feel the most comfortable. Also, don't compare a factory model tire to aftermarket. There's a difference.
  3. A friend has an FZ-09. He’s going to let me borrow his wheel. Crisis averted. The only bad part is I’ll order a new wheel and it won’t be in til OCTOBER!
  4. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, The Dakota’s via East Tennessee.
  5. I don’t know about the tube. I’m definitely getting a new wheel regardless.
  6. Well, got some new tires spooned on today and found out my front wheel is bent. On 8/21 I’m supposed to head out on two week trip out west. I went to the shop to see about a new wheel and they can’t get one til 10/2. Anybody got a good spare front wheel sitting around? i can only guess it happened when I hit a BIG pothole a month ago. Funny thing is I’ve ridden about 2k miles since then. It didn’t vibrate either.
  7. Pick her up and hold her with the front wheel resting over your shoulder. Gently pat the seat with your hand. Be sure to have a shop towel on your shoulder to catch any liquids that she might spit up.
  8. BikeMaster Lithium Ion Battery DLFP-12-BS | 10% ($14.99) Off! Lower the weight while increasing the...
  9. I replaced my factory battery with a lithium battery 2 years ago. I ride At least 20k miles a year in any weather from 10F on up. I run a gps, heated gear, and phone charger. I’ve never haD a problem with the Lithium battery. As a bonus I swear the thing is about as heavy as a baseball. Now that I’ve posted this glowing review I fully expect it to crap out on me next week.
  10. When I did the tail tidy I wired into the tag light and used that to trigger a relay to power my gps and heated gear.