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  1. I’m getting close to 120k miles on my 2015. Bought her in the spring of 2016 with 3 miles on the clock. It’s been back and forth across the country a bunch. I’ll do 2 cross country trips this coming summer on her and not think twice about it. I just swapped the gear indicator switch, other than that nothing but maintenance stuff.
  2. Welcome. For the record the science tells us that red is the bestest and most fastest color. Trust the science.
  3. No, not over the sound of the noisy clutch…
  4. 115K miles. Checked around every 25K. Never needed adjustment.
  5. I have a set on my FJ. About 300 miles on them. It’s the first pair of non-dunlops that’s been on her. They seem fine so far. We put 32’s on my sons wee-strom and they performed great. I had about 5k miles on the them when the lady hit me and totaled the bike. They had plenty of tread left.
  6. yes, pretty much all vendors do sales.
  7. Especially in the BANG for the buck department.
  8. The clutch basket on these bikes in neutral can be noisy. Mine has been for +80k miles. It’s a rattling noise.
  9. My first one did I it. Sargent swapped it for me. Noticed the second one doing the same. I replaced the Sargent bumpers with some cut down jeep grill bumpers. They’ve been working fine for a year. It is disappointing considering what the seats cost.
  10. I believe heated grips are an option. Absolutely agree about the center stand and adjustable screen.
  11. Good points. I usually hit it on a weekday in the early morning. Early spring or in the fall. Never on a weekend during the summer.
  12. Parallel Twins just don't do it for me...although I am happy happy happy to see bikes like it being offered.
  13. I was there Monday and Wednesday. Live an hour away. Wish we would have met. Maybe next time.