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  1. My left side is the only one the vibrated loose over time. I put a dab of blue loctite on the threads a long time ago and no more problems. I’ve even repositioned the screen a couple of times and it still stays tight with the original loctite.
  2. Next challenge... you’re FJ/tracer before and after a multi-day trip.
  3. Y’all aren’t going to believe this but I got a bunch of pics at the beach and not a one with the bike in it. I was so excited to be there it slipped my mind to get a pic with Gertrude (that’s my FJ) in it.
  4. Y’all better hurry. I’ll get this one day after tomorrow.
  5. This will make my 4th iron butt. I have 1 certified and 3 to turn in.
  6. Today we did UT 12. Bryce Canyon, Escalante, Dixie NF, and Zion. We zig zagged across Southern Utah. It doesn’t disappoint.
  7. 600 miles to Blanding UT. We’re zig zagging across UT and hopefully some of AZ tomorrow. Gonna ride through Zion in the late morning.
  8. I woke up early in SE Tennessee. Jumped on the bike. Now I’m going to bed in eastern Colorado. In the morning I'll head west towards the pacific.
  9. Nice, now what’s the next challenge?
  10. I’m headed to the Pacific Ocean early Wednesday morning. If no one gets this by then I will within the week.