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  1. Oh great, around here that’s gonna be about as easy as getting a picture of two unicorns next to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Good challenge.
  2. Yours out? They’re LED and I think you have to replace the whole thing. There’s not a typical bulb that you can swap out.
  3. That’s terrible. Get better quick and head back out there.
  4. I have a lithium battery I bought from revzilla last summer. It’s crazy light. When it arrived I thought the hey had sent me an empty box. It works fine.
  5. micah2074

    instrument bracket.jpg

  6. Google Maps Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in... Google Maps Find local businesses, view maps and get driving... Here's a couple of pics i took a couple of months ago. Its on google. I'm not completing the challenge just adding some pics of bridges.
  7. I have my FJ apart to change the air filter and so some other stuff. I just looked at the stay and a long bolt will go all the way through it. I’ll go tomorrow and buy a long bolt, a couple of washers and nut to reinforce the stay. Even if it doesn’t do any good I can imagine it would hurt anything.
  8. I saw another red FJ yesterday on the Blueridge Parkway near Cherokee. We were going in opposite directions. Which one of you was it? Here we are at the high point. The Cornbread Mafia has gained a couple on new members.
  9. Hwy 30 starts on 64. It's quite a nice part of the ride. Tight, curvy, and beautiful... like my wife.
  10. I have a schuberth. It's well made, comfortable and quiet. It's also very hot.
  11. I ride my loop several times a month. Next time I'm in Washington im checking that out.
  12. I have to fill my glass more towards the top. If I don't the idiot light comes on going down the road.