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  1. You can get that at walmart in 5 quart jugs for around $25.
  2. micah2074

    Tracer 1000??

    Meh, A major selling point for my Fj was the triple. I wanted a triple. Now, If they came out with a triple in the 1000 to 1200 range...
  3. micah2074

    The Photo Game Thread

    I keep forgetting to get this one. thanks for the bump.
  4. micah2074

    Chain Maintenance question....

    I've done quite a few cross country trips. 800 miles, that's a normal day... Other than wiping it down after a bunch of rain with some paper towels and spraying some lube on I don't touch it.
  5. micah2074

    Travel tool kit

    I carry a small pump and a plug kit. A small assortment of hex wrenches and sockets and a small adjustable wrench. That’s about it. As far as the chain goes I’ve done many cross country trips (4500 + miles) and besides wiping it down and spraying some lube I don’t worry about it. I do have AAA premiere for motorcycles. It comes with a free 200 mile tow.
  6. "maotorcycke " What is this? Some sort of chinese tractor designed by chairman mao. 😁 I get all my info from this board and others, but on those im a troll.
  7. I like the first one with the retro racing paint job on it.
  8. He replaced that pump 50,000 or so miles ago and kept on riding.
  9. I used the shortest arm i could find and have the stiffened version. No vibration problems.
  10. micah2074

    Scorpion Serket Taper Stainless slip-on

    Scorpion Exhaust Serket Taper Full System Exhaust | MotoSport WWW.MOTOSPORT.COM Fast, Free Shipping on Orders Over $79 on Scorpion Exhaust Serket Taper Full System Exhaust & Scorpion Exhaust and gear at MotoSport.com. Shop with the guys that ride!
  11. micah2074

    Utah US 163 rocks

    My bad. It was US163. I was thinking 160 because it’s just south in AZ.
  12. micah2074

    Utah US 163 rocks

    Utah US163 on an 09.
  13. micah2074

    slip on muffler

    I've used Scorpion slip on cans on other bikes. Never been disappointed. They've always been very well made.