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  1. Pick her up and hold her with the front wheel resting over your shoulder. Gently pat the seat with your hand. Be sure to have a shop towel on your shoulder to catch any liquids that she might spit up.
  2. BikeMaster Lithium Ion Battery DLFP-12-BS | 10% ($14.99) Off! Lower the weight while increasing the...
  3. I replaced my factory battery with a lithium battery 2 years ago. I ride At least 20k miles a year in any weather from 10F on up. I run a gps, heated gear, and phone charger. I’ve never haD a problem with the Lithium battery. As a bonus I swear the thing is about as heavy as a baseball. Now that I’ve posted this glowing review I fully expect it to crap out on me next week.
  4. When I did the tail tidy I wired into the tag light and used that to trigger a relay to power my gps and heated gear.
  5. Don’t know. My wife wouldn’t let me find out.
  6. A spring. They’re all over Eureka springs AR.
  7. The nut is ease to take off. Use a little punch to bend the bendy part. It’ll be bent in two places. Then stand on the right side of the bike. Hold the rear brake down with your right arm. Reach over and loosen the nut with your left. Do the same when you retorque it.
  8. I’ve reused the sprocket nut 4 times. I may change it with the next chain/ sprocket swap. I’ve also ridden my FJ cross country 8 times. It’ll be 9 times by the end of August. It’s a great bike for long trips.
  9. Ridin around with a brother in the Ozarks.
  10. I've had the clearances checked 3 times. According to the Yamaha tech, they were good every time.
  11. White corrosion comes from aluminum... i don't think those bolts are aluminum, but the calipers are.
  12. That was a dig at my riding buddy. He "accidentally" walked in on two different people at two different locations using the bathroom. I told him I would make him famous and sent him a link to the page. Also the restroom was very clean for a place in the middle of nowhere.
  13. We rode every bit of AR7. The Pig Trail, a lot of AR123 (my favorite), all around Eureka Springs, AR16, and AR187 and a few roads up in MO. The kung flu didn't seem to be on most folks' mind. Restaurants, shops were open and they appreciated the business. A couple of folks told us how they were hurting and needed things to pick up or they would have to shut down.
  14. We just got back from Arkansas, with a bit of Louisiana and Missouri.