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  1. If it runs right... ride the hell out of it.
  2. It looks to me like his header is from one company and the slip on from another. Like someone put together a franken-exhaust.
  3. That's an M4 slip on with a different company's pipes. I'd guess TBR also.
  4. Mines been on there with the zip ties for more than 50k miles. Nice lookin pipes.
  5. I love to look at google maps in my down time and find stuff to ride to. Here’s a bridge I found a while back. I had the chance to check it out today. It’s amazing what you can find off the beaten path.
  6. I spent a lot of time in tellico growing up and ride there all the time. Great roads and beautiful country.
  7. I do the same at round abouts and recite the lines from European Vacation. “Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament.”
  8. That’s the first place I ever paid $8 for a hamburger. That was a few years ago and my cheapskate FIL still talks about it every time we ride through there. Good times...
  9. I’d offer them 7k out the door and if they accept, buy it and ride the hell out of it. It will come with a warranty.
  10. I listen to music through my Cardo speakers with ear plugs in and can hear it just fine. Maybe upgrade your speakers?
  11. Yep and it looks like with a minor reroute I can hit 128.
  12. Lake Berryessa, I’ll maybe have to look that place up when I’m out there in August.
  13. Nice! Bike sounds great. Where is this?