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  1. Factory 105. For the last 80k miles I’ve put mine at 85. No problems.
  2. My handy stands do that. I remove the bolt before putting her on the stand. Then put it back in when she come down. It takes just a few seconds. Been doing this for years and never a problem.
  3. I bought a wheel off ebay last year. Low miles and had the bearings. It was cheaper than factory and there wasn't a 3 month wait. You can use wheels off of FJ's, Fz 07 and 09, and the xsr's.
  4. Meh, it’s a voluntary insurance policy. I put 100k miles on my bike before my YES ran out. To me it was worth it.
  5. Lay off the bean burritos.
  6. Everyone, especially soccer moms in minivans want to race you stoplight to stoplight.
  7. Why order new bearings? You should be able to remove the new bearings without damage.
  8. It’s always fun to tinker. My turn signal canceller thing-a-ma-gig is much simpler and, so far, very reliable.
  9. That’s what I hope this turns into. We can have a thread in each region. That should cover all generations.
  10. Me and the boy went fishing today. On the way home we passed someone riding a 2nd gen. with a couple of other folks on US64 going around the lake in Ocoee TN. It was around 1ish in the afternoon. Which one of you was it?
  11. The “snatchy” throttle goes away after you figure out how to control your wrist. Buffeting....only sissy’s complain about the wind when they’re riding a motorcycle.
  12. I’ve gone through 2 sets in the last 4 years and 100k miles.
  13. I’ve ran just about every brand of tire on a motorcycle out there. On the FJ, I’ve exclusively ran Dunlop’s. For the last 15 years or so, I average around 25k miles a year on various bikes. Dunlop’s are affordable, last a long time, and perform well for me.
  14. a wrap or two of electrical tape around the plug will stop the plug from disconnecting.