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  1. Hi, 15 FJ09. Replaced the clutch cable. The original wasn't frayed....16500 miles. 265 mile break in ride. New Cable working fine!😁 Next up.. spoon on a set of Bridgestone T31's. See ya bill
  2. Got a set of T31's from RMATV. $240 ,free shipping, $40 rebate. $200 for the set. 😁👍 Happy......
  3. Hi, Did you mount the T31's yourself? I used to have a tire machine and mounted many. I moved and sold the equipment. I now mount with spoons and grunt work... The R3's were difficult due to stiff sidewalls. See ya bill
  4. Nah, I miss-typed........🙄 Anybody found sport-touring tires for outstanding (low) prices this summer? Seems Dunlop R3's are scarce. RMADV doesn't list them. And only a few rebates. Any recommendations? See ya bill
  5. Glad to hear you are doing well. I am from Woodstock GA and love the N GA Mountains. Now reside in S. Indiana that the wife can be close to the kids/grandkids.... RR is a favorite road. And GA dirt is slick when damp....☚ī¸ 66 this month. Yep, time marches on...... See ya bill
  6. Welcome to the forum! See ya bill
  7. Hi, Canadian....... 😁👍 Welcome to the forum! See Ya bill
  8. Hi, yep, interested in your thoughts. 7000 miles on a current set of RS3.... See ya bill
  9. Sweet tirechanger 2and3. But, clean up the mess!😁
  10. Hi, yeah, experience is a great teacher, if you live.... Haha See ya bill
  11. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Did you get the message where you give me money? See ya bill
  12. Hi, 15,500 miles, chain has kinks. Replacing chain and sprockets. Got from Sprocket Center. 17/45..... Gold chain.... $175 See ya bill
  13. Hi bbb, In USA the only option is for a 3 lock set, $64.00 plus tax and shipping... The replacement key is $3.00 each. See ya bill
  14. Hi, No , The locksmith had the blank. ILCO. Brand. 😁 bill