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  1. Thanks for the response! I came from a R6 and Aprilia Tuono. Both had excellent brakes. One finger operation for most senarios. The FJ does ok. Since I don't plan on tracks it, the HH pads will be sufficient. And yes, I agree, 320 rotors are boss? 😀 Best regards Bill
  2. Thanks for your response. Best regards Bill
  3. Thanks for the update. Any thoughts on R1 calipers? Would they provide increased feel and performance? Best regards Bill
  4. Hi everyone, Read the thread, good stuff! I didn't see where the calipers from a R1, or other bike, were used. Is there no advantage to replacing the calipers? Or did I miss that whole discussion?😀 Best regards Bill
  5. Thank you for your update. Decisions, decisions... I can only get clean air by removing the stock shield. I have it now at 55-60 degrees and still have some buffeting and noise. See ya Bill
  6. Hi, How about an update. Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks Bill