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  1. Welcome to the club! I lived in Woodstock for 15 years. Spent a zillion miles in TN, N GA, NC mountains. Much miss the area. See ya bill
  2. Welcome @Velvet Hoping you have a great time with the new bike! See ya bill
  3. Haha, Currently 17 degrees, feels like 1... Breezy.... I moved from North Georgia to Indiana that my spouse could be with the grandkids..... Ugh...... See ya bill
  4. Hi RR Replied.... See ya bill
  5. Hi, Thanks for responding. I am interested in purchasing a set. See ya bill They look nice.
  6. Hi RR, Interested in the spacers. Please contact. Thanks bill
  7. Welcome to the forum! By far, best looking exhaust for the FJ. Is I wasn't so cheap....... See ya bill
  8. Hi, Close to 4k on a set of R3's. 33 front, 35 rear Just back from Barber vintage festival Ran in rain for last 250 miles. No issue with traction, running 55 to 75 mph in constant rain. I can tell the rear is flattening some, but I am happy with the tires. See ya Bill
  9. Hi Maximo and Betoney, Thanks for the update. I have a Shoei 1000, had since 2005, retired twice.🙄 I had a HJC RPHA10 that I really liked, but tested it's effective once.... So, back in the market for a new helmet. Generally some time of the year, figured in fall and winter a really discount sale will occur. Was hoping someone found that deal.😀 See ya Bill
  10. Hi, Anybody find a site with full face helmets on sale? Really on sale? As in ridiculously on sale?😀 See ya Bill
  11. Hi, Thanks for the responses. I am putting together a kit. The stock one is quite incomplete. So, no need to order one from Yamaha. See ya Bill
  12. Hi, I have a 15. Good bike. Anybody have a stock toolkit? Mine doesn't have one. What is included in the kit? Thanks Bill
  13. Thanks for the response! I came from a R6 and Aprilia Tuono. Both had excellent brakes. One finger operation for most senarios. The FJ does ok. Since I don't plan on tracks it, the HH pads will be sufficient. And yes, I agree, 320 rotors are boss? 😀 Best regards Bill