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New from Northern Calif


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Live just south of Silicon Valley were there are really good roads for riding. :) 
Picked up my FJ09 just over a week ago. Been riding for 50 years, started when I was 12. Had about 20 bikes have ridden some dirt but mostly rode sport tourers.
Had 3 different K 100's, Concours 1000, VStrom, FJR, DR 650, Honda 550 four, Honda 350 four, Yamaha 350, DRZ 400 SM. etc... and a lot of different dirt bikes and bikes from the 60's and 70's.
Currently have a 2013 Multistrada and the FJ 09. No not selling the Multistrada, just wanted to cut down on the miles I was putting on her. Love the Ducati.
Just an average rider, but ride a lot averaging over 20,000 miles a year because I am retired.  :P
Hope to meet more Northern Calif riders, want to hear your after market exhaust before I change mine out.
Need more sound, not loud, just more sound.
Hope to see a lot of you on the road.
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Congrats! I remember your barf thread on choosing the FJ. I am from Gilroy as well and hope to see you out there. still undecided on the FJ but leaning towards it as each day passes...perhaps wait for the 2016. Anyway, what color and where did you buy from? 
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