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My Lighting Plan - Have You Done It?


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I have ordered my new lighting based on the best info I have been able to glean from the forum. If any of you have done something similar and found any pitfalls I need to watch out for please post up! Here is my current plan:
Knuckle Guard LEDs on the Hand Guards - I have order the Running/Turn Signal Combo Units.
Motodynamic Integrated Sequential Tail Light with optional bypass harness.
Motodynamic Flush Mount Front LED Turn Signals/Running Lights.
TST Industries LED Compatible Flasher.
I am eliminating the rear turn signal pumpkins at this time until I find another LED based replacement that I like. From my reading on all of the supplier websites what I have ordered should all be plug and play with no harness hacking required.
Input anyone?
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Sounds good, I actually have a similar set up on my bike minus the flasher. The other night on my way to work I had another biker pull up next to me asking what kind of tail light I had. He said it was so bright that it really got his attention and was interested getting one for his bike.
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