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New member Newcastle, Australia.


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I've yet to buy a Yamaha FJ-09 / Tracer, but it is at the top of my 'next bike' list.
I recently said to new member Kimmie that if I had a fire and my shed burned down that I would probably just buy a Tracer.
The shed hasn't burned down. I still have a few bikes in there:
My third FJR1300:
My second Super Tenere:
My third Blackbird:
A little Ninja 300:
And my super commuter TMAX 530:
Like Kimmie, I'm a regular long distance rider having ridden quite a few Iron Butt Association rides.
I'm looking to sell the Blackbird and Ninja 300 and have the Tracer instead. No particular role set out for the bike just yet, but I think it can handle most tasks that I will require of it and then some.
I currently have very little to offer, so I'll just lurk around and get to know the place.
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