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  1. Thanks for the advice. I removed coil packs two and three by hand but had to use double-hinged pliers and shop towels as a fulcrum to leverage coil pack number one.
  2. I want to change my spark plugs but cannot remove the coil packs. Does anyone have any tips on the removal of coil packs?
  3. The Battery on my 2015, which was purchased in May 2016, went dead yesterday 3/27/19. I think that I will get a new battery rather than trust the old one.
  4. After a ride please give us know your opinion of the Tracer GT handlebars. I am considering the same improvement.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I too like the colors and the new (not as wide) handlebars as well.
  6. From top to bottom is better. You will need to loosen bolts that hold radiator so the cables can pass. When taping the two cables together keep them as thin as possible since it is a tight squeeze through to the bottom.
  7. This could be something that I could use to raise my Puig Sport Touring screen an inch or two in the cool months.
  8. I think the Tracer 900 will be available March 2018, the Tracer 900 GT June or July 2018.
  9. When you get your new Tracer 900 GT if you want I will trade you FJ-09 handlebars for those of the Tracer 900 GT.
  10. If Yamaha had had the courage to put belt-drive onto the new GT model I would already have put down my deposit. And without wishing to be churlish, with one or two exceptions the upgrades are quite minor and overall amount to, IMHO, a fairly modest face-lift and makeover of the existing model. That said, I wish Yamaha well with the two variants. But I cannot help wondering what will happen to the warehouse full of 2015's that dealers here in Oz seem to be unable to give away.. . Belt drive would have made it perfect.
  11. I already have cruise control but will take a look at the narrower handlebars.
  12. With the Tracer GT, Yamaha improved on or added everything needed: windscreen, seat, handlebars, suspension, quick shifter and cruise control. Yamaha fixed all the short comings of the FJ09.
  13. With two front tires it should have more traction to use when riding downhill in curves, on wet surfaces or stopping.
  14. Replaced by Tracer GT? We should know next week.