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  1. Those are very nice looking. What did you use to mount them?
  2. I heard about this on YouTube from (Brian Glynn/ (Two Wheeled Obssession). He mentioned it happening with FJR bags, and I checked mine as soon as I got my GT home from the dealer. Sure enough, some were already loose. I removed each one, applied a little blue loctite, and reinstalled. They have been fine ever since. Anyone with Yamaha hard side cases should check for this ASAP if you haven’t already.
  3. My GT has done this since day one... has not gotten any worse or better in 5,000 miles
  4. Its not really downloadable, but it is handy. Tracer 900 & 900 GT Manual
  5. Mine all came off easily with a little heat from a hairdryer...front fender, side panels, and the ones up near the gas tank
  6. I removed it from mine, as well as the blue graphics in front of the gas tank. I think it looks much nicer now, and the only thing I used was a hair dryer to heat them up a little.
  7. No need to worry, the tranny whine in 6th is normal. My GT does it, and I run my chain on the loose side of the range. I've heard it in many of the review videos on you tube as well.
  8. I'm very happy with this system so far. I was able to get it for $840 with tax & shipping from the Yamaha accessories site while it was on sale, which is the lowest price I've seen do far of this system
  9. I still have the O2 sensor, the light was definitely due to me running the bike, in gear, in the center stand. The dealer confirmed this. The bike was never powered on without the O2 sensor being connected as well.
  10. Yes... that was definitely the cause. They couldn’t tell me if there is a certain wheel speed that will trigger this though. There are several Yamaha bikes behave this way, so the dealer has seen this a few times recently...
  11. I’m considering the same thing... have figured out a good way to mount those on the GT?
  12. Ya, I've done it quite a few times.... I must have gotten the rear wheel moving fast enough to make it unhappy. I did get the CEL cleared by the dealer today at lunch time, so all is well.......
  13. I plan on sending the ECU out for reflash once I find someone that has some experience with these bikes
  14. Good: Saturday I installed one of the Y_Series exhausts that I snagged on sale last week. Install wasn't too bad, and it looks & sounds great, It is a bit louder than I thought it would be, but nothing ridiculous.....and no drone at any speed so far. The works finish is a nice golden color now, and the pipe is quite a bit lighter than stock Bad: I had no idea (until now) that running the bike on the center stand, with it in gear, could cause a check engine light to come on, and when that happens you cant get into the menu by pushing the menu wheel. I was doing this to help get the chain dry after washing it yesterday, so I am pretty sure this is what caused the CEL to come on. Guess I will stop by to visit my dealer soon, and then see about getting the correct part to make an OBD2 to Yamaha adapter dongle..... not being able to clear CEL's without visiting a Yamaha dealer is unacceptable...