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Winter ride

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Got out for a loop up the Columbia River. Got icy and dicey, with wind gust like 60 mph :)
Got some video Im going to try and edit, but here is some rare winter northwest glory:
2015 Red FJ 09
2013 WR250R - little boy blue - sold
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Oh WOW!!!! that's absolutely beautiful!! Love the snow if the mountains.
The only place I've ever got snow in the background is a place called Charlotte Pass in New South Wales, Australia up at the look out in November (when the snow is supposed to be melted) a few years ago now.
Maybe time to go back and on the Tracer (Dudley) to see if I can get a replica photo.
Glad you are enjoying your ride out.

Kimmie......the lady who likes to take little detours :)

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