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Looking to buy a 2015/16 FJ-09


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Evening everyone!
I am currently leaning pretty heavy on getting a FJ-09, I am currently trying to sale my 05 R6 before I dive in! One thing I am trying to figure out are aftermarket hard case bags for the FJ. I noticed the newer FJ exhaust stops at the right foot so what I am hoping is I can find a nice set of "Square" aftermarket hard shell bags (I don't like the stock) they look ugly haha Plus I need a little more room anyways!
This bike will be come my daily rider to and from my office (82) miles round trip 5 days a week... I just need something comfortable! To old for my R6 now it was great for college!
Other bike I was looking into was a KTM 1190 Adventure, but I am not sure I want to spend that much just yet! We shall see though!
Maybe someone can point me in the right directions or even pictures of there after market bags? I would love to get an idea what they will look like!
Thanks gents/gals!
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I have a variety of luggage options, including a variation of those in the picture above - they won't give you a lot of room though as they are only 22 litres per side.
If you really want square sided panniers then there are a number of options from Givi, Kappa and Hepco & Becker. Some have been fitted & reviewed in this forum.
I'm in the UK and you mention FJ09 (we call it the Tracer) so I won't post links to sources, other than to say that your local version of Ebay will identify sources from Italy for Kappa & Givi cases, which is likely to be cheaper than buying the stuff in N.America.
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