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Close call - Thanks Traction Control!


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I was out on a training run with Rapid Training to polish up some riding skills.  A great day all round, but there was a slight 'brown trouser' moment before lunch. 
We were focussing on cornering at this point - entries and exits, picking lines to provide the best visibility and all that good stuff.  Just as I powered out of a fairly easy corner, the back wheel stepped to the side about a foot.  Before I really had time to react, the bike righted itself, and I stayed right side up.  
Whilst I would like to think that it was some unconcious cat-like reactions that made me instantaneously roll off the throttle, I think that the Tracer's traction control really saved the day.  
Chatting with my instructor who was close behind, he said there was a small patch of gravel that was almost indistiguishable from the road surface, which even he didn't see until I went sideways.  For some reason it was only in one small spot on the corner, which also happened to be on the 'ideal' line around the corner.
I've just chalked it up to being one of those things, the unexpected events that can happen to us all.  Definitely one where I took a moment to realise that it was a close call, but then slapped on a grin and threw myself into the rest of the day. 
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The traction control is pretty awesome.
It's saved me over rises where you don't expect them, the front wheel comes up, and of course, you know better than to hold on tight, but you do, and that ADDS throttle...
Just what you don't need, more front wheel lift, but the TC kicked in, and kept the front from going up while my mind overcame my fear, and I backed off the throttle, but the "TC" had already done it for me.
And in the dew of a morning ride to work, just after I got it, across the white painted lines of the cross walk, in the corner, it stepped out, and saved me from a low side at low speed.
I will take TC and ABS any day of the week.
Speaking of ABS, on that same corner, decelerating on another day, I was sort of more spirited than I thought, and had the memory of that slide, so braked while going straight before the turn, well, lose gravel/dirt kicked in the ABS.. Who knows what would have happened, but dumping the bike has become harder to do, you really have to push it well beyond common sense it appears.
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Watch the"Twist of the wrist II" on you tube. There's the unabridged version that edits out the bad acting two guys in the Video. Allot of great info there on cornering. I've watched it a few times now and find it very helpful. I'm going to buy the book.
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