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HeliBars Adjustable Handlebars

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I contacted HeliBars on April 15th about the availablity of its adjustable handlebars for the FJ 09.  The company representative told me that it was looking for an FJ 09 owner in the area of its manufacturing facility in Cornish, Maine to loan a bike for R & D and that this individual would receive a free set of the handlebars. The cost of a set is in the neighborhood of $650.  I had a set of HeliBars for a Kawasaki Concours and it was a teriffic product.  As I remember, there were infinite adjustments of rise and pull back in the area of 5 to 6 inches. When I sold my Concours, I removed the HeliBars and sold them on the internet, receiving multiple offers. I currently have Rox Risers (2") on my FJ and although it helps, I want more adjustability.  If you are in the area and can loan your bike, this is a great opportunity.  If you want to check the company out, Google HeliBars.  The company phone number is 800-289-1047.
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why not repost in the Maine sub-section of the forum? Put the word FREE in the header!
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