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Hi There, New from eastern PA


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Hi All, registered over at your sister site as well fz07.  Really interested in a smaller'ish touring/adv bike.
Ok, I'm not that familiar with the name meaning so, I'll just come right out and ask. What does FJ and FZ actually mean as far as model designations. I have an XT1200Z and an XT600 so I figure they have something to do with Cross Touring/Adventure or something to that effect.
I'm familiar with the FJ1300 which is strickly a touring bike and the FZ appear to be Naked street fighters.
I would love to see a an XT900 or XT700 Twin which is also rumored, but absent from any of the trade rags out there.
Well, I'll be patiently waiting as the news unfolds.
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Hi Koinz,
How you likeing the Tenere?
I'm looking to simplify things.
Selling the 1000 V strom
Selling the 990 Super Duke R
The FJ 09 should fill in for both- Day rides, Weekend trips, Track days if I can't do cold turkey.
As A commuter I've picked up a WR250R.
"It's more fun to go fast on a slow bike than slow on a fast" KC
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Man, you guys are in for a big surprise the moment you twist that throttle and feel that triple.
My FZ-09 wheelies 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sometimes even fourth! 0-80 it pulls from most bikes.
Triples make a ton of power down low and are quite fun. This truly is one hell of an engine.
Nobody but Yamaha knows what the heck FZ or FJ means, but I like em !
Thank you both for joining, go try an FZ-09 out and report back!
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