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Ran highway 23 in Arkansas this morning breaking in some new BT023s. Great ride, ended up meeting some members of the MSTA and riding with them to the Oark Cafe. They rode fast, I touched pegs multiple times keeping up and was having a blast. That is until one corner with a little extra speed ended up fiolding the peg up and bashing the Cat on a mid corner bump. Other than that one hairy moment it was a perfect morning to ride the Ozarks. Got to see some Harley riders dragging hard parts too. It was a great time, although short.
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I scraped my cat recently on a railroad crossing. It scared the crap out of me because I felt the suspension bottom and heard the scrape and I thought, "Oh no, there goes my drain pan."
I pulled over and was extremely relieved to just see a giant scrape on the cat.
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