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Hello from Belgium


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Hi everybody, My name is Laurent and i'm from Huizingen a small town near Brussels.
I still have to wait 4 weeks to have my Mt09 Tracer(european name).
I'm here to have a lot of infos about the bike and share my infos too.
Great and welcome. I fully understand your english which is great. I have a friend that keeps a Honda Transalp at his friends house in Brussels and he goes over once a year to ride. He use to go there for work for months.  
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Thank you.
My wife Rébécca had a Transalp but now,she rides a BMW F650 ST from 1996.
I've worked a few year at NSa in Brussel, i was security marshall....
Here in Belgium,it's easy for us, 60 miles in every direction and you reach the beach of the "mountains" with lovely curves on the road....
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Hi @lolobadboy, thank you for joining our forum. 
I know the area. I used to live near Mons when my dad worked for the allied forces at SHAPE. That was a long long time ago. I had a girlfriend there named Rebecca (I'm not kidding, haha). I was 7.
ps.  don't worry, she moved back to the US in the '70s  ;)
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