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Matte black FJR saddlebags

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I bought some used FJR bags a few weeks ago that had been in a crash. Nothing too serious, but the left one was skinned up pretty good. I started by sanding the wounds, then applying a coat of spot-putty body filler. Wet sanded with 400 grit, rinse, repeat. After masking off the the inner portion, I sprayed them with 6 coats of Dupli-Color removable/peelable paint. link

All was going well until it was time to remove the masking tape. The peel coat stuck to the tape in a few places causing my very carefully applied coating to blemish in a few places. Damn! The more I tried to fix it, the worse it became. I eventually figured out how to blend in a decent fix for the bad spots, but it's not perfect. Oh well, from 10 feet away you don't notice. ;)  
Saddlebags (used), liners (used), mounting brackets, spot putty, primer, color coat, all came to less than half the price of a pair of new FJR saddlebags. 
Lesson learned on this peel coat stuff; remove the masking tape immediately after your last coat while it's till wet. Don't wait until it's dry.
Already started sanding before I took a photo.
1st coat of spot putty, unsanded.
The finished product.
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