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Flashtune kits and options

Buggy Nate

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So we got all our Flashtune kits in and i got to having a play with the Mt-09 Tracer one..
I got to say I was a little nervous plugging it back in the first time... OK basically shitting myself! But it worked out all good!
It is such a complex but easy to navigate bit of gear. It makes a Power commander look like a mixture screw driver in comparison!
Just purely going off the mappable throttle positions FT has over PCV let alone all the other options available. 
I really wanted to start of by reading the current map but for some reason the software said some regional ECU's aren't able to be read until after being flashed so I took a gamble and loaded up the Mt-09 Tracer Euro version map for a full Akrapovic system.
I also got rid of the speed limiter, turned the AIS off, but I think I forgot to lower the fan temperatures like I wanted. I also have left closed loop on until I have more time to smooth this area out.
A quick test on the dyno to see there weren't any glaring faults and now have a happy 122.4 hp Tracer.
I could only get up to 109hp before in 4th due to the speed limiter. I didn't bother after that.
I would have liked to print out a before and after for myself but the dicking around taking the ECU in and out and I just loaded the Akra map and thought I'd see what it was like.
It is not 100% perfect yet as I want to plot all the points in the maps correctly as much as possible so I can get my head around this new tech for the customers on their way.
So my question for flashers, what options did you choose and why? Did anyone play with ignition offsets? 
And say you did have a gaping big lean or rich hole somewhere with individually mapped cylinders how do you know which is lean/rich? Or is it standard process to richen/lean all cylinders equally in the problem areas?
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