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Screen Adjustment Mechanism Free Play

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I have verified on several other FJ-09 that the OEM screen height adjustment mechanism permits at least 5 mm of forward and back movement (5 mm+ "free-play" at both the top and bottom, front to back). This rocking is accentuated with a taller screen like my Give Tour (moment arm length effect). I have resorted to shoving 60 durometer closed-cell neoprene foam rubber wrapped in polyvinyl foam shelf liner between the back of the bottom of the screen support frame and the V-shaped black plastic nose cowl piece behind the frame in two locations.  This has significantly minimized the movement but makes adjusting the screen height that much more of a PITA than it already is.   I also already did the split rubber grommet and flat washer mod (plus another rubber washer) behind the adjustment knobs but this mod does not effect the screen fore-aft, top to bottom rocking issue.
Do you have this problem too?
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