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Madstad 10% Holiday Discount!


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Hi Folks,
Just a brief note that Madstad (madstad.com) is having a 10% off holiday sale--everything on the web site.
I had a Madstad bracket paired with a Givi screen on my 2007 Wee Strom,  and it was the perfect combination for me (5'10"). I just ordered a 22" clear Madstad (with the holiday discount), and now they include the windshield together with the adjustable bracket. Looking forward to using it as the cold Mid-Atlantic weather closes in. I'll report back.
I have no affiliation with Madstad, other than being a happy repeat customer.
PF Johns
DC area
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Hey I'm interested in the Madstad wind screen. Think you could upload a pic of yours? I'd like to actually see it on an FJ before I invest that much $!
Click on Search in the menu just under the FJ-09 red button on the top of the page and then type in Madstad and you will find plenty of pictures.....
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