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After accident inspection

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Someone decided to test mi Givi crash bars today. As I was waiting at the post office someone said: the owner of a motorcycle should go look at his bike ASAP. I ran outside and there it was, a pickup truck had backed into my FJ-09.  He was trying to affix my left saddle bag back on the bike  B-|   I explained there was no fixing that and got his insurance info. 
Well, he forgot to mention he had also picked the bike from the ground. The crash bar did its job. The right side was lightly scratched, so was the end of my brand new Barkbuster Blizzards, right saddle bag, foot peg feeler, and break pedal. Strangely so was the left side of the top of the trunk with a slight long thin indentation 
Is is there anything I should have professionally inspected? Is there a chance the handle bar may be bent? Anything else? The safest choice will be to go and have the dealer look at it but do the really look at many other things other than a visual inspection?
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If the dealer thinks you're going to let them fix it they are highly motivated to find all the damage because then the other guy's insurance will have to pay them to fix it. Your muffler may be scuffed, forks, brake calipers etc.
If it was me I'd have an independent damage inspection done by a dealer of my choosing. Then reference that when dealing with the other guy's insurance company.
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I agree with @nsmiller, if you are going to make a claim against his insurance for what you already know is damaged, you should get it inspected to make sure everything is accounted for.
Edit: go ahead and get some new crash bars since it was scratched and sell me the damaged one cheap :-P

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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