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FJ-09 Suspension by Cogent Dynamics

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Hello folks, we are proud to be supporters of this forum.  Many thanks to Cruzin for the help and opportunity.  We have a number of customers and friends who participate in this forum and we look forward to working with all of you to improve your bikes suspension in anyway we can.
Besides being a standard suspension shop, we are also a manufacturer of our own line of custom products. Cogent Dynamics provide a wide range of suspension services from fork rebuilds and custom valving to custom built to order shocks and components.
we are also a fully servicing Ohlins dealer and look forward to the opportunity of providing FJ-09 owners with all Ohlins products, personally configured to your needs.
We are in process of upgrading our website at motocd.com please check it out.
we are on this forum to be helpful so please, feel free to ask questions.
watch this space for special offers.

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The shock looks good, and I think a couple of folks on here have had good experience with it. What can you do for the front end? Ohlins is a bit too top shelf for me... would there be other options?
According to the description on their page for the shock:"Cogent also provide comprehensive fork upgrades to complete your balanced suspension upgrades." I assume this refers to their excellent line of Drop in Damper Cartridges and springs.

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I knew Rick from years gone by on BurnTheEdge, and have actually purchased from him. Good guy who started offering deals to friends and it took off from there.

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I'm getting back a little slowly as we spent the long weekend camped in the woods with our dual-sport bikes.
Burn the Edge, that's so cool! Good to see you ULEWZ! You guys are the ones who came up with "Motocd.com" for Cogent Dynamics.
With regard to the forks on the FJ; we do have a gamut of options. I can provide a price breakdown for some of them. There are two things we want as objectives for our customers:calibration and execution. As most know, the stock fork only has damping action in one leg. Having the damping action in one leg isn't super bad but limits aspects of the performance in the way of adjustability, port restriction and potentially longevity. There are other factors but I think those are the main areas.
For some riders, simply getting the correct spring rates and oil levels installed in the forks may be all they need or want. Others will want to address other design compromises by adding valving components to the non-active leg. Adjustability enhancements add cost and may not be needed. It is possible to add compression and rebound valving to the inactive fork leg and keep it non-adjustable from the outside. To add adjustability, we are purchasing cap components from Yamaha. If there is enough interest and volume, we will manufacture our own parts to do the adjustable cap, potentially saving on the overall cost of that kind of upgrade.
The most popular upgrade has been adding an adjustable cap and valving to the inactive leg in a way that provides compression adjustability on that side.
We always discuss the options with our customers to come up with the best solution for each individual rider.

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