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Great price on Shad SH36 side cases


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I just ordered the Shad SH36 side cases and mounting bracket for $570 from Motorheadzone, and that includes shipping! 
SH36 side cases are $428.41 a set and the mount bracket is $142.19. 
I got the last Mount Bracket and they are currently listed as out of stock.  Email them and ask for part number Y0MT95IF, they can get one for you, include bike make, model and year. 
I ordered them last night and already have order and shipping confirmation with UPS tracking number.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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I really had my heart set on the OEM hard cases because of their extremely low profile. I live in California so my ability to lane split is something I'd like to keep intact, however the OEM cases are back ordered for 2 months so might have to look at an alternative. These seem to be the narrowest aftermarket bags from what I've gathered but I cannot find the dimensions of the OEM cases to compare. So anyone know just exactly how much wider the profile is on these compared to OEM?
Edit: Nevermind just scooped the last couple OEM bags off of Amazon! Should have scouted there sooner.
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