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I'm old, but new here.


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I've just become a new rider of the FJ-09. I've been riding on two wheels for approx. 50 years. Started with British bikes, and have ridden most of every model out there. My latest ones are the FJR, Super Tenere, and now thr FJ-09. I like all of them, but being 5'10 with short inseam made the FJR and the Tenere just a little uncomfortable for touching the ground. I like the FJ-09 because it fits me a little bit better than the others. I haven't had it long enough to really know how much I'm going to like it for sure. I did notice that at 65 to 75 mph at long periods of riding left quite a tingling in my hands. I'm sure it will take awhile. It handles a lot better than either the FJR or the Tenere. (In my opinion.) About me...I'm an electrician, worked at Caterpillar tractor for 30 years, At Mitsubishi for 7 years, ATS For approx. 8 years, and now I work for AECOM as a CNC technician. (Don't know when to quit). Lol.
I raced bikes for several years, flat track, TT, but my favorites were motor cross and enduros. I enjoy reading on the forum, and get a lot of good information from it. Hope to be able to add to it.
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