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English man in NewYork


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Just upgraded to a FJ-09 and im loving it!     I very briefly had a Honda CB500 before upgrading to the Yamaha a month ago.
My main passion back home was fast cars, living where I do there is no room for such toys so bikes it is!
ill be keeping my eye out for some group rides in the coming months :)
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Welcome @dafyddc - enjoy the new FJ! In my experience, fast bikes are a bit less expensive (on a per unit basis) than fast cars, so you end accumulating a lot more of them. x=n+1
Nice reference to the Sting song... :)
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I rode lots in that area on my 1976 Yamaha XS 650C when I lived in NY. Take the ride up to Perkins Drive overlook. Then go over the river on the Bear mountain bridge to Rienbeck and see the WW I airshow. They also have a vintage motorcycle show there every year.
A Motorcyclist's Church is the open road....
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