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Flash Tune Quick Shifter Not Working


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Can anyone who has one take some pics of the wiring harness on the bike that it plugs into?  Thats the only thing I can think of at this point.
I've put a multimeter on it and see the circuit closing at the end of the harness when I pull up on the shift lever.
I've replaced my Tip Over Sensor
With it all hooked up, I flipped the TOS over to make sure that was working and sure enough the bike dies as it should.
I've even pulled apart the connectors to check that all the pins are wired solid
I sent the ECU back to the dealer to double check that Quick Shift was enabled.
Nothing.   It does nothing.  At any RPM, when I pull up on the shifter, nothing.   I'm at a loss.  Only thing I can think of now is that I've got a miss-pin somewhere.  If anyone could post a pic of the wires going into the plug connecting to their TOS, I would be grateful, or if anyone has any other ideas, please share.  Thanks!
EDIT:  This has been resolved through a new type of harness. 
See here for details:  https://fj-09.org/thread/6194/new-quickshift-solution-issues-before
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Just an update, this never did work. I still have an open ticket with Flash Tune. Back in June they said they are working a new harness that would be available "soon". I've pinged them a few times since and have been told "soon". They haven't responded to my latest inquiry.
I assume at this point its not happening anymore.
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