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Taillight Bracket Failure?

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Reading on the MT-09 Tracer/FJ-09 Facebook page about some people experiencing failure of the taillight mounting bracket.
Seems this happens with using Givi's rear rack/top case mount. 
 Has anyone here had this happen?
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Hi, you beat me to it @xcsp!
I've had it happen to me - I noticed it was cracked in January but had to wait a few months for a replacement which Yamaha supplied under warranty. I had noticed the odd comment over the months about the crack and concluded in every instance the Givi SR2122 had been fitted.
I have emailed Givi Italy and UK advising them of this, I'm not sure if they are aware of the problem.
If anyone has experienced this in the USA or Canada, would you mind emailing Givi USA.
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The Givi or Kappa rack mounts using the top two bolts near the taillight like the Yamaha luggage rack, but only has one mounting point along the sides where the Yamaha one has two points.
This could be the reason of some failures?
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