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Yamaha Releases the new FZ-07

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Word on the street now is that the FZ-07 will be a 2015 model and price at $6990. So just a grand less than the FZ-09, but still an attractive price.
The FZ-07 is slated to start hitting Yamaha dealers floors in July and will be available in Liquid Graphite; Rapid Red; Pearl White Colors.
Yamaha is billing the FZ-07 as a motorcycle newer or intermediate riders should find enticing. The FZ-07 is powered by a “Crossplane Concept,” 270-degree crank, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, parallel-Twin. It is supported by a high tensile steel frame. It should produce around 75 Horsepower and weighs in at around 397 lbs wet.
Yamaha FZ-07 Colors
Read more: http://fz07.org/thread/23/fz-07-released-july#ixzz33nF2mIHs
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Thank you Fine for creating this forum for all the fans of the new FZ-07 Motorcycle.
I'm loving all the details which are slowly coming to light about the bike. It's exciting to hear about the "Crossplane Concept" The bike sounds like it's going to be sick. Can't wait to hear more. I'll be stopping in a lot to check out any updates.
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