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Stock Exhaust for Sale: $100 or best offer

Gregorius T

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Hey All.  I have a stock exhaust taking up space in my storage closet. 
The pipes have about 3,000 miles on them.  Perfect condition.
I live in the Seattle area.  100 bucks, or best offer.
- Gregorius
2015 and includinf shipping?
If not, how much to 60077?
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Wrong it is an oxygenation but in an attempt solely to reduce CO and NOX emissions, howetver even the tree huggers now agree that ethonol does more harm than good. It also damages fuel systems even that are designed to try to resist it's very harmful effects.
It's the corn lobby (not the farmers) who have kept it in the system, more now than ever pushing E15 like druglords importing smack.
Go to the AMA website and do some more reading on the subject.
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