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I recently changed the oil in my Fj09, and following the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual, did not change the filter this time. Now suddenly I have an oil leak AROUND THE FILTER (not the drain plug), to the tune of 3 or 4 drops in 24 hours, which I am very sure was not there before. I have re-tightened the filter to the correct torque and a little more, and the leak continues. I accept that I am going to have to re-drain the oil and change the filter, but I wonder if anyone can explain this? GRRRR . . . 
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I recall one brand I forget, had a random problem with the metal plate not being at correct depth and over time as the oil filter tightened itself, it unseated the oring seal ever so slightly...
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Personally I change the oil filter at every oil change. Doesn't make sense to put in fresh oil with old dirty oil in the oil filter. As stated just put on a new filter and top off level as needed.
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