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Givi cases wont fit with fender eliminator, suggestions?

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Hey guys,
About a year ago I purchased Givi Trekker cases and I never put them on due to fitment issues with the fender eliminator I purchased on here.  Essentially, the brackets don't mount because on my fender eliminator, the turn signals are too wide and tall.  I've looked at a couple of other ones on Revzilla but I'm not sure if I would run into the same problem.
I really dislike the OEM license plate holder, but could be my only option.  Does anyone know of one that works with the Givi cases?
Some of the options I was considering below.  Or maybe some much smaller turn signals?
Thank you!
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Or maybe some much smaller turn signals?
I use the X-Arc turn signals from High Tech Speed.  They are small but RIDICULOUSLY bright.  Don't bother with the cheap LED signals from Ebay, they aren't even in the same league when compared side by side with these. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Woa, thanks guys!
That's funny. I thought about buying the tail light with them built in. I thought about this awhile ago not for this reason, but for the safety of it flashing when braking. This might be the best option, but I'll take a look at those lights as well.
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