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What are the handlebars of choice to bring them closer to me. I currently have Rox 2" riser but they didn't bring the bars back enough. BTW, when the risers were installed the vibration in my mirrors went off the charts. Filled the bars with BBs but haven't tried them out. (Currently battling back surgery.)  I've had the bike since August and only have 200 miles on it.
The dealer installed the risers, I did the BBs. If they don't work I'm gonna get the Rox anti vibe risers.
I had a Yamaha 750 triple back in the 70s and it did not buzz as much as this one. So we have added many things to this bike in an effort to get it where I want it:
1. 36L trunk              [span]  10. FZ-09 foot pegs[/span]
2. Saddlebags[span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span] [/span][span]     [/span][span]11. 2nd DC outlet[/span]
3. MC Cruise Control     12.Radiator Guard[span]    [/span][span]    [/span]
4. Fender ext[span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]   13. Heated Grips[/span]
5. Engine drop guards   14. Grip Puppies
6. KTM hand guards      15. Head light protectors
8. GPS [span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    16. Other stuff I can't remember at the moment.[/span]
9. Back off lights
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I'm also currently researching this. I've heard of others using the Pro Taper EVO ADV bars. I'm leaning towards risers so I don't have to bother with the location holes and remounting all the controls but still not sure where I'll end up.
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