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Hi folks. Just purchased a pre-reg 2017 plate Tracer. Got a great deal and was looking for something a bit different from my CB1000R. Hopefully someone can shed light on why when I turn the ignition on (without engine running) there is a constant electric buzzing noise? I noticed in another thread that somebody else had a similar issue but was dictated by the kill switch position, whereas mine is on regardless. Any helpful comments would be appreciated. 
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Welcome, and congrats on the bike. My 2015 is buzzing as well, and it's normal. I understand it to be the throttle servo. The internet is... 'abuzz' with this same question about bikes and cars alike. The sound will change or go away at times when the bike is in diagnostic mode, jogging through modes. I don't believe you have access to the diagnostic mode on the 2017 model year.
Thanks for the reply. Nice pun also!  It's weird, I've owned several bikes over the years and rode a lot more but can't ever remember hearing a constant buzz like that.  :-/
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Thanks mate. Yeah I'm happy with the bike. Pity it's 2 degrees above freezing here with no sign of improving  superangry.png
I feel you're pain. We're at about 18F (-8C). I haven't ridden in a month :( 
Soon though, soon, you'll get to enjoy that tremendous beast you've purchased!

'15 FJ09

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