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Mahle OC 575

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Hi all
Mahle makes very high quality filters and their OC 575 filter is a direct replacement for the Yamaha MT09 or MT09 Tracer factory filter.  It directly replaces the Yamaha 5GH-13440-50-00 filter on our bikes.  Mahle does not maintain their North American product catalog as their stomping grounds are Europe, Africa and Asia, but you can go to the UK site below and see the parts match.
Mahle catalog (look for MT series bikes):
These filters can be bought on RockAuto or Amazon in the US and my experience is that Mahle is often higher quality than OEM and they are themselves an OEM provider (BMW and others).
Amazon link:
I just ordered a couple as I did not know until recently that Mahle had a matching filter.  If you have used these filters and have any feedback, please chime in.
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high quality... just buy from a reputable retailer... Mahle aftermarket parts in the US is mainly found in racing applications and they dominate the racing marketshare in piston/rings/bearings... the oil filters and other filter media are primarily found on EU brands...
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Great comments.  Agree completely.  I ordered mine on Amazon prime.  I have used Mahle filters on cars and on BMW motorcycles in the past.  The quality is very good.   Good quality media, very straight & dense pleats, good quality bypass valves.   Some fun to watch videos on you tube like 
Fun watching for sure!
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