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I feel MUCH better now...

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I sent my ECU off to 2WDW Monday the 12th to be reflashed during their excellent discount period.
USPS Priority Flat Rate, got there Wednesday the 14th, flashed and back in the mail that afternoon.  2WDW's usual outstanding service.
PayPal sent me a message saying it was back in the mail and expected Saturday the 17th.
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttt!  Wrong!  Delayed.  Spent some time enjoying the scenery between SF and Oakland, CA.  Finally hit Maine's Southern Distribution Center late Sunday.
But of course, Monday was a Federal holiday so I got to wait another day.  I don't do waiting very well.
But, it finally showed up this morning, popped it back in, fired up the bike to make sure everything was copacetic,  and put all the plastic back.  (Kinda liked the way the bike looked "nekkid" except for the various tabs and Dzus receptacles sticking out here and there).
Now to wait for a little better weather and clear roads...  Did I mention I don't do waiting very well?
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Yeah, I opted to drive to 2WDW, to have them do the whole thing for me while I waited. But I have the luxury of living in Seattle where they are based........
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Looked at the thermostick, it said 51°.  Looked out the window and the sun was out.  Looked at the calendar and it said February 21st.
"Who cares?" sez I, "I'm going RIDING!"
Didn't ride far as the roads are covered in sand and snow melt, but did try all three modes with the new flash.  I wish I'd have thought to tell them to leave STD as the default mode, A mode is perfect for when I feel like pushing a bit but a little intense for casual cruising which is MY default mode.  Just a switch flick away, so no huge deal.
Reduction in engine braking is very nice, much smoother there.
Feels like it pulls harder in all modes, but that may just be from Winter layoff.
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