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Hi all.    New to this whole FORUM thing.    After doing lots of research into a new bike, including models like the Kawasaki Versys 1000, Suzuki V-Storm 1000, Honda Veradaro and a list of others, I just bought a new FJ-09 in red.   IT just has the right mix of power, lightness, and agility for me.   It's still at the dealer, who is kindly storing it for me in their heated facility, until all this Canadian snow melts.  LOL!  I also ordered the heated grips, tail rack and trunk and the soft bags.   Learning some new things here from this Forum already.    Already thinking about doing the rear taillight assembly mods mentioned in another thread to clean up the back of the bike.   Anything else I should look at getting or do to the bike?
I'm 47 years young, started riding minibikes when I was 9 and riding on the street since I was 16, this will be my 28th motorcycle and my 4th Yamaha triple, the other three being '70's vintage,  XS 750's.    However, this is my first Brand New bike and I am REALLY looking forward to getting it out on the road, hopefully in early April.    Cheers!
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Welcome aboard! 
At least I get to see mine with the trickle charger on it in my garage..  :P
Get the grip heaters, then go out into the garage, turn on the grip heaters to keep you warm, and then make vroom vroom sounds to your hearts content. 8D 
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2015 FJ-09, Seat Concepts seat cover and foam, Cal Sci medium screen, rim stripes, factory heated grips, Cortech Dryver tank bag ring, Modified stock exhaust, FlashTune with Graves fuel map, Cree driving lights, Aux power socket.
2012 Street Triple type R (Wifes)
2007 FJR1300 (Sold!)
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Guest eatpasta
Right on man! Glad you're so excited about the purchase!
That's a lot of yammy's to have owned in the past. Glad we are getting another member with lots of experience.
You're going to really love the whole forum thing. They are an amazing resource for bike knowledge, finding riding buddies, and heckling your fellow board members.
Welcome to the site!
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