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Stalling, lurching, running rough - dead - but wait.......


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Weird events yesterday here in Canada; here is a post I made on the FJ09 / MT09 Tracer Facebook group.
One comment suggested an potential issue with the regulator rectifier - would appreciate any words of wisdom, insight etc. Planing to double check all battery terminal leads and other obvious points of failure. Only mods this winter were some new lights as well as the KEVMOD O2 controller.
Thanks in advance;
Out riding today and bike starts running “rough” and then stalls when slowing to a stop sign.
Restart, keep riding - still a bit rough and i ride on for another 30kms or so. By now I’m thinking that perhaps it’s bad gas from the fall - winter storage and head to fill up. Bike stalls again and I can barely start it. Get going and the display screen starts shutting [TCS, ABS and Check Engine on and off] on and off, bike hesitating and it finally dies and I cannot restart.
After a CAA tow home, play around with the leads, jiggle the battery and move where the foam spacer is et voila! Starts, runs like new. Drive it a few Kms with no noticeable issue. Filled up with fresh gas and planning another drive today, staying closer to home. Weird.
Could it be the terminal lead or perhaps the battery terminal that’s loose? I’m kind of hesitant to ride it too far from home until sorted. Apologies for the long post and thanks reading - providing any input.
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Thanks all for the notes, took the battery out today and it looks as though the hard black plastic pieces that are around the terminal connectors [to hold the nut in place] were broken and somehow impacting the connection. Cleaned it up, put all back together - ensuring that all was tight, good contact and no kinks. Started with no issues and then had a 100KM ride. Good as new [i hope]. Looks like "user error" strikes again :(
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