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Syncing luggage locks on the FJ-09

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Has anyone here been able to sync the locks on his Yamaha luggage himself?
It can't be that big a deal.
The hardest part is having the No Tamper Torx wrench to get the locks out of the bags. And then separate the locking arm from the lock cylinder.
I can't find anything on UTube.
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Hey Skip! Thanks a million for the tip, but I can't get the search window to work for me.
I try to type in the subject, but nothing happens.
Can you help this lewdite?
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Try clicking on the "Search" hyperlink just underneath the red FJ-09.org emblem at the top of this page. Then type in your search query in the What to Search section (top right) and then click the search button located at the bottom right of the screen.
Not a terribly user intuitive interface, but it is functional once you figure it out.
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