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Flash a 2017 FJ? Lumpy fueling at low throttle/low rpm?


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I have a 2017 FJ09 and under low throttle at lower rpm and the fueling is wobbly or lumpy. Up down up down up down. Anybody else experience this? Did you flash your 2017 FJ or use something else to cure the issue?
2017 FJ-09 - Yoshimura Y-series Exhaust / MRA Sport Screen / Evotech Rad Guard & Fork Sliders / Custom LED Rear Tail Light / Lowering Links / Mirror Extenders / Low Seat / Tail Tidy / Shogun Swingarm Sliders - Touring mods > Madstad 20" screen (on standby) / SHAD SH36 Hard Cases / SW-Motech Rear Alu-rack - Mods not yet installed > Fender Extender - Mods on the way > MT09 Adventure Pegs / Sargent seats / Knuckle Guard leds / Speedtech Photon Flush Mount LED signals / SW Motech Frame Sliders
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I don't have a '17 but I did flash it. You could contact 2Wheel Dyno Works, a forum sponsor, about options for your 2017. I would think the flash is still available for the '17, but what do I know haha.

'15 FJ09

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