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Just in.  This is a great forum, very useful and fun to read.  I'm looking very closely at buying the new Tracer GT. Working on a shopping list for personalizing the bike now. Everyone have a fun and safe year on the road. See you there.
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Welcome @slipknot - You'll find LOTS of ideas and encouragement to help you spend $$$ on your new FJ/Tracer!  It's a hugely entertaining bike to ride, and the platform allows for a ton of 'optimization' depending on your particular needs and preferences.  One thing everyone seems to agree on is the CP3 motor... it's an absolute gem. 
Good luck, look around, and don't hesitate to ask questions.   Oh, and go buy that Tracer GT...  you won't be disappointed.  
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Welcome Slipknot, had my GT a couple of weeks now and love it! Waiting for the manufacturers to start producing add-ons so that customising can begin.
Powebronze here in the UK are going to use my bike to measure/ spec their range of accessories, so am expecting some freebies in return.
Ride safe
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