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Built-in Helmet Locks just add Carabiners


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There seems to be a lot of people buying aftermarket helmet locks and/or drilling holes in there bikes. So, here are a few simple solutions I came up with for rider & passenger helmet locks that require nothing more than a carabiner (or similar hardware). No drilling or modding required. 
Warning: When draping your helmet over the side of your bike as mentioned below it will reside very close to passenger pegs. Hold onto your helmet until tension from tether is supporting it. DO NOT let it fall or you could risk damaging your lid.
1. Remove passenger seat. Clip carabiner through helmet D-rings. Hook carabiner to "helmet tie down cleat" under passenger seat. Drape helmet (now tethered to bike) over the right side of the bike. Replace passenger seat.
R_A_1.jpg  R_A_2.jpg  R_A_3.jpg  R_A_4.jpg
Note: Carabiner thickness is a concern if your threading it over the cleat, 6mm (1/4") gauge 50mm (2") ID worked for me (Bell ProStar); while 8mm (5/16") gauge 65mm (2.5") was too large to clip or thread.
2. Remove passenger seat. Clip carabiner through helmet D-rings then through metal ring on the back of driver's seat. (This is part of the driver's seat lock hasp but seems to only serve as a handle to remove driver's seat.) Place helmet on driver's seat and replace passenger seat. Helmet strap passes through the gap between driver's & passenger's seats.
Alt_1.jpg[span]    [/span]Alt_2.jpg[span]    [/span]Alt_3.jpg 
3. Remove passenger seat. Clip carabiner through helmet D-rings. Attach another carabiner (or Quick-link/S-hook/S-carabiner...) to the metal loop at the back of the driver's seat (same as above). Clip the two carabiners together and hang helmet off the side of the bike. (Repeat with second helmet, hanging it on opposite side of bike.) Replace passenger seat.
2up1.jpg[span]    [/span]2up2.jpg[span]    [/span]2up3.jpg[span]    [/span]2up4.jpg[span]    [/span]2up5.jpg[span]    [/span]2up6.jpg
Pry open both ends of an appropriately sized S-hook. Place one of loops around either of above mentioned tie downs and crimp that loop down. You're now left with a g-hook that is securely attached to the bike. You can use the tail of the "g" to hook through your helmet's D-ring.
Tip: Put heat-shrink or tool/plasti-dip on carabiner/hardware to protect parts & minimize rattle.
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