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Roll call: anyone from Edmonton Alberta Canada on here?

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New to the forum. Just wondering if there are any members from Edmonton area? It would be good to meet up and exchange knowledge of the bikes first hand.

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lol!  It's not quite THAT bad, no worse than anywhere else, really.
That said, the highway or just about anywhere OUTSIDE the city is far more relaxing.  I think the quote was something to the effect of "riding in the city means you have to anticipate everyone's mistake all at the same time".  I'd say that's true for Edmonton, but also any city.
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Hi Marcuso, I am from Edmonton. Had the FJ-09 since 2015. Love it. Added the tall windshield, cruise control, Trunk and soft bags. Lowered it an inch too.

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Right on! A couple of locals!

Just wondering what you guys have done with your bikes. I'm looking to get a new seat, and exhaust. I'm just worried about getting the wrong ones for obvious reasons.

I myself have mirror extenders, larger windshield, led signals clothespin cruise control, airhawk seat pad, tidy tail, and some cosmetic things.

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