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I'm TAZ, currently residing in Boise, Idaho.
On little more than a whim, in advance of an upcoming three day trip with some buddies, I just picked up a Tracer GT. I had been shopping for a used FJ-09, but couldn't find one locally, and got no responses to my CL inquiries in Portland and Salt Lake. Maybe I smell funny or something?! In any case, price not withstanding, the Tracer looked like a better option, so I had the dealer get one in for me, and picked it up a couple days ago.
I currently also have a 2012 Goldwing, which obviously is a better touring bike (and so plush by comparison), but not very sporty, and not as good an all-rounder. My better half, who has no interest in riding pillion on anything other than the 'wing, shot down the idea of selling the GW to buy the Tracer, and actually encouraged me to just have a second bike.
There's a lot to like about the Tracer GT, and a few things I really don't like. I'm sure my opinions here aren't unique.1. The passenger pegs have to go (or be relocated further from my boots, which seems less plausible)...but I want to retain the lower mounts for the side cases. Is there a solution for this yet?2. The seat isn't good. It just isn't. Aftermarket, we're waiting.3. The sounds emitted at about 4K rpms or less are embarrassing. From 5K up there is some redemption, but I'm wondering if an exhaust would improve the situation at low rpms.4. The ignition/key cylinder is poorly located. I wish they'd done a better job with that.
Otherwise, I like it a lot!
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Taz, you can find a ton of information about these bikes here on the forum, but your initial assessment is pretty much spot on. (as is your wife's)
Great bike for spirited riding solo. Seat is not a high point, I bought an after market Corbin, others have had luck with the Sargent seats. If you need the sound of your exhaust changed, that will cost you money, but I don't find the sound to be a huge problem. The ignition key location has always been a sore sport for me, although I can't remember anyone here on the forum bringing it up.
All told, no bike is perfect, but this one satisfies most of my wants and needs. Time will tell for you......
Good luck, and Ride Safe!
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I'll admit that the ignition location is a bit of a problem, but that's almost entirely of my own doing (I've installed bar-back risers, topped with a GIVI S900A SmartBar, which has accessories attached to the SmartBar, plus I rotated the bars slightly closer towards me). Regarding the seats, a custom Corbin solved that problem (living in the SF Bay Area, they're only an hour's ride away). As for the passenger pegs, I haven't had any problems with them, and neither has my wife.
Anyway, welcome, enjoy your new bike, and ride safe.
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