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My new custom seat, from Mr. Eds Moto

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Yo, My Fellow Fudgies!   (  FJ = fudge.  Get it? )
I just wanted to share with ya Alls, my new seat acquisition experience.
Yesterday, I rode to Albany, Oregon, and visited Don, and his apprentice ( I think his name was Ryan ),
at Mr. Eds Moto.  Don has been doing custom seats for ... well, since forever!
They hooked me up with a totally custom saddle.
It was a great experience, from start to finish.  
I pulled in, around 10:30 AM.  They discussed with me, my grievances with the stock seat.  I told them that it
was basically, like sitting on a piece of plywood.  Ha.  We talked about the various hot spots, where I experience the
most discomfort.  We then proceeded to take all the required measurements, my inseam, waist size, seat height with
feet on the ground, on the pegs, and so forth.  All that good sheet was discussed.
I then F'd off for an hour.  Upon returning, they had the basic foam shape in place.  I sat on it, and we carefully evaluated
how my anatomy was situated in the butt bucket.
I then F'd off to lunch.  Upon returning, they had the foam layers all in place.  I sat on it again, and we discussed the expected sheet.
Just so you know, they reuse the stock seat metal and plastic frame, which I think works just fine.
I then F'd off for a couple more hours.  Upon returning, the seat was completed.  It was a thing of beauty, indeed.  Don even
took the time to sew in some fabric with a carbon fiber pattern, to blend in with the faux carbon fiber trim pieces.
I rode off, around 4 PM, back to Bend, Oregon.  It's about 2.5 hours of riding, in total.  The seat felt great.  As I get
more used to it, and the foam molds to my buttocks, it should feel even better.  
Don told me, if I feel the need for any tweaking, I can just swing by the shop, and they'll fix me up.
So that it's, my Fudgies!  If you're thinking about a custom butt bucket, give Don and Ryan a call.  They'll treat ya good.
By the way, total cost was $500, which I believe to be a fair price, for this amount of custom work.
Also, check out the photos, that I included with this post.  Take a look at that butt bucket.  Nice, eh?
Thank you so much, Don and ( Ryan? )!!  :)

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