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A Ride into The Hells

Gregorius T

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Hello There, my good motorcycling buddies!
Hear me now!  Hear me later!  And, hear me for some times going forward!  
I say to you this ...
My latest ride report is now ready for your reading pleasure.  You can find it here:
It concerns some riding shenanigans in Hells Canyon.  I hope you obtain some pleasure from my words.
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Thanks Koth! 
I just posted my newest article:  https://gregoriust.com/2018/08/23/the-horned-wall-of-muscle/
Ohio is not all flatlands by any means! Nothing like Florida for sure. Have you ever ridden here? There are tons of twisty up and down roads in the southern half of the state. If you're ever in the area get hold of me and I'll show you some good riding. 
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Hey patkin
I would love to experience some Ohio riding goodness.  I will certainly get ahold of you, if I make it that far east.
Hey man.  I was just going by what I see in Cyclecruza's videos, on YouTube.  Ha.
Cheers, mate
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