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Normal Engine Noises? New FJ-09 Owner


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Hello! New to this forum and new to this bike. Apologies if this is all redundant. Just picked up a 2015 FJ-09 with 11,000 miles on the clock. Well aware of the CCT issues as I've read about them. The two allen head cap screws on my CCT have definitely been used, which leads me to believe the CCT has been replaced. CCT makes no abnormal noises, even on cold starts, so that I'm not worried about at the moment. I'm coming from riding four cylinder bikes, so maybe some of these are just normal triple sounds? Firstly I've noticed a squelchy noise that seems to come from the left side of the engine. Almost a squeal. I don't really notice it during normal riding, but as soon as there's a jersey barrier or a bus or something on my left, it reverberates quite loudly. It corresponds to engine revs. Is this normal? Secondly, I've noticed that after riding in traffic, once the bike has heated up to 195F or above, the valvetrain clicking becomes audible, especially at lower rpms. Maybe this is normal for these engines? Just wondering if I should have the valve clearances checked although 11k seems early. Another note, it has plenty of oil, fresh oil change from the dealer. Worth calling a Yamaha dealer to see if the CCT has been replaced under the service bulletin? Thanks guys! Loving riding this bike so far!!
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Sounds are hard to say yes it’s ok, or no it’s not because I can’t hear them in person. However, this CP3 engine does have a “squelchy” sound from it that’s more noticeable when cold and the idle is up, and some motors are louder than others. Valve train noisy to a degree is probably typical as well, as things loosen up when they and the oil are hot.
Best advice is to have an experienced tech listen to it when the engine is making the sounds you describe. His/her opinion is subjective as well.... so there you go.
If you have any maintenance history, check through that. Checking the valve clearances before the recommended interval might not be a bad idea if you don’t know if they have ever been checked.
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