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Ermax or national cycle v stream


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Good afternoon, 
I know there is lots of posts on windshields on the forum. I have spent many hours reading pages and pages of reviews. 
Wondering if anyone has owned the ermax touring and the V Stream sport touring screens, I'm 6' 1" and have owned my 2016 fj for about 3 months now have put on about 5000km so far. The noise level had been extremely Hugh, even with ear plugs and my sena 20s EVO  scorpion helmet.  Basically I like the looks or the ermax touring and the V Strem sport touring compared to all of the other wind screens I've researched. Looking for input for other riders that have experience with these to windscreens in particular.    Any advice or information Comparing these two windscreen would be very appreciated. 
Thanks for for your time 
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I have the VStream. I'm 6'. It doesn't quite get the air up over my head, so I get some turbulence, especially if I crack the my helmet visor open a little. But the VStream is very well made and looks good on the motorcycle. The Ermax appears to be a roughly the same height but a little wider. That's a definite selling point. But I think the Ermax is also a little thinner and not as well made. That's a negative. The Ermax is also much cheaper. For $100, I may give one a try. If I do I'll followup.
IMHO, if you are 6' or taller, the only way to get touring bike level wind protection is to strap a barn door to the front of the motorcycle. I guess a lot of people don't have a problem doing that, but I'm not one of them....
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had both. my height is 5' 11'' (1.80cm). ermax 50cm screen needs some tweaking to the handguards position because the handguards hit to the side of the screen, no big deal. ermax is acrylic if i am not mistaken, 3cm thick, uses the oem bolts and mounting bracket-system.
the vstream sport touring is 6cm thick, unbreakable (polycarbonate plastic) very well made with its own bracket mechanism. 
vstream is a bit better on the center, ermax better on shoulders if i recall right.
there is turbulence in both screens, if you tuck a bit not the body just your head in a 3/4 position there is a vast improvement especially on v-stream. i have a shoei rf-1200 (NXR called in EUROPE) helmet btw with an interphone tour intercom.
fj-09 works well with small screens not medium sport touring screens.
i also use a national cycle sport tinted screen. its very good and you dont have to see from inside the screen. 

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