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Sunday Afternoon


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Smoke has been bad here due to the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. We're 2 hours south. Yesterday at 3000 feet at Apple Hill it was beautiful. Came down the hill and looked worse than L.A. Looked like a really foggy day.
Figured I would ride somewhere today that had some elevation. Smoke here in the flat lands wasn't bad today when I left. Not too bad the entire day.
My neighbor's Dad lost his house to the fire. He's okay. He got out with his pick up and camper trailer. Left his new Harley.  Couldn't help but think about how bad that fire is while riding and seeing the haze.
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Wards Ferry Road was rough. I was standing on the pegs some of the time. Beautiful views. I took a wrong turn, but ended up on a better road that took me to Jamestown instead of Big Oak Flat. Just as well, was kind of chilly on the way back.
The ride was great. I'm not much of a phone/camera guy, but I should have taken some pics. The views on the way to Columbia overlooking New Melones Reservoir and on Wards Ferry Road were great.
I think a Super Ten or something like it is in my future.
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