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Yamaha's Facebook page-few comments on the FJ-09

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Checked out Yamaha USA's Facebook page to see if there was anything interesting about the FJ-09.
They posted on November 5th some pics and info about it, and has just over 1500 "likes" but not a lot of comments.
(Need to scroll down quite a ways on their page for the posting.)
If you have any comments that you would like to share with Yamaha regarding the FJ-09, head over to Facebook and go to their page:  Yamaha Motor USA
I commented about when would cruise control be available, figured it couldn't hurt? 
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I have to say that if the throttle by wire system is the same as with the FJR1300, why they didn't include cruise control or at least offer it as an option on the FJ-09 doesn't make sense to me.
For example, I'm also considering the new Triumph Tiger XRx. The lower case "x" designates some upgrades not included on the base XR. One of them being cruise control (XRx does have it).
Why Yamaha didn't do this and offer an "upgraded" FJ-09 is beyond me.
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