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New FJ owner outta OK


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Well after a LOT of reading i guess im going to pick up a used LOW mileage FJ 09 Saturday.....  2015 with1500 miles on it. Been off a bike for about 4 years now, prior bikes were a 03 GSXR 600 and a 07 GSXR 1000. Had to give up the Sport bike thing as i lost a argument with my back while riding one day. So now im Retired (US Army 26 years) go me a job and have one of my buddies who wants me back on a bike (cant lie i wanted back on one too). I will ride it like this for a while... (i say this now.. i have a modding problem) and im pretty damn sure i will enjoy it. Ive read nothing but good things about this bike. I WAS looking at a BMW F 800 GT... but after the comparisons the FJ won out. Cant wait to get it in my Garage.





2011 Ford F150 Raptor- Daily driver

2014 Cadillac CTSV- its nice

1995 Mazda RX7- Project car

2015 FJ 09- I Needed 2 wheels again...LOL😉

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